It’s official! I have decided to run again for State Senate. If elected, this will be my third term as a Senator. Each time a term nears completion, I have to decide if I am the right person to serve in this position or is it time to pass the baton and focus more on my private life. I’ve decided I’m ready to serve Senate District 9 for four more years.

I have moved into the position as lead Republican on the Commerce Committee, and for the last 2 years, I’ve been asked to serve on the final Senate/House Tax Conference Committee, working on the best tax policy for Minnesota. I am also an assistant Republican leader in the Senate. It takes time to move into positions of influence, but I have that opportunity now. God willing, we will take the Majority back in the MN Senate next November. We will then be able to accomplish more good things for Minnesota and repeal some of the bad things passed by Democrats over the last few years.

An election win is never a guarantee. It requires a lot of hard work, strategy, volunteers, and plenty of money. Democrats outspend Republicans more than two to one in Minnesota, and with no Governor race or Federal Senator race, more money will be available to spend on State legislator races.

Even though we are about a year out from the next election, I am announcing now because I need your help and support. I’m contacting you now because I need to raise $100,000 for my race next year. Can you help me? You are now allowed to give up to $1,000 per person per year. Any amount helps, but if you can give more, I would really appreciate it.

My goal is to raise over $50,000 BEFORE January 1. When I submit my year-end campaign finance report, I want my potential challengers to know I intend to fight hard to keep the seat I currently serve in.

Can you help me right now? Please send the largest amount you can in the envelope included. Next year if you can do the same thing again, that would be great.

Let’s all win together. Let’s win the Presidency back. Let’s keep the Majority in the State House, and let’s win back the State Senate. Together we can accomplish more.

Thank you for standing with me and helping me to fight for the State of Minnesota and for each of you.

Warmest Regards,
State Senator Paul Gazelka

Checks can be made and mailed to:
Gazelka Volunteer Committee
15229 Edgewood Dr., Suite 100
Baxter, MN 56425

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