Listen to my radio ad here:

Hi, this is State Senator Paul Gazelka. I represent Senate District 9 and this November, I’m asking for your support for re-election to the State Senate, but first I want you to know a few of my core beliefs and who endorses me. I am pro-life. My opponent is pro-choice. MCCL has endorsed me as the only pro-life candidate. I also support your 2nd amendment rights and am endorsed by the NRA and GOCRA. I am pro-agriculture and am endorsed by farm bureau. I’m pro-family and am endorsed by the Minnesota Family Council. And I’m pro-jobs and endorsed by NFIB and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. When re-elected, I will work for tax relief; including ag property tax relief, small business tax relief, credit for student loans, tax relief for veterans, and more. The governor vetoed this, but we can get it done. I will also work to fix MNSure. I share your values and your goals and I’m asking for you to vote again on the ballot for me on November 8th.  Again, I’m State Senator Paul Gazelka and I appreciate your support. Thank you. Paid for by the Gazelka Volunteer Committee.


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